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Adorn Different types of Agate Jewelry


The banded Chalcedony is a mineral from the Quartz family and is specifically called as Agate. The name originated from the place where it was found for the first time, i.e. Achetes River in Sicily. This special mineral is found in different parts of the world in different variety such as stripes or layers, eye marked, include speck of colors, have fossilized inclusions, and made perfect solid. The agate stone is called earth rainbow due to it’s the appearance of concentric bands because of different elements and in some cases colorless.


Historically, it is found with the artifacts of Neolithic people and was considered for its medicinal and healing effects throughout the Greeks, Egyptians, Africans and Russians. Later, its strong aura captivated the whole world. Metaphysically, Agate reacts to slow frequency and low intensity, but has high strengthening and stabilizing influence. Agate as a gemstone is worn by people to balance their emotions, enhance intellects and physical energy, maintaining peace in yin and yang, balancing negative and positive vibes of the universe.


The fascinating Agate jewelry evolves as Agate necklace, earring, ring, pendant, and bracelet. This gemstone with swirling color band brings wonder and magic to your life, so let’s unveils the magnificence of different types of Agate.


Crazy Lace Agate is called Happy Lace or Laughter Stone bring joy in the life of wearer with dancing and fiestas. It random graceful pattern promotes optimism, stimulates mind and attitude, circulates energy flow, elevates good thoughts, but is not a protecting stone. The Blue Lace Agate is quite famous for its soft and soothing elegance with an effect of release of blue water.


Fire Agate is a deep brown crystal carrying mysteries in it, you just need to touch the stone and ignite the fiery and a close study will unveil different secrets of life and stone.


Dendritic Agate is named Stone of Plenitude as it brings abundance in different fields of life stating from career to business endeavors. It was sown during harvest time in the field for productivity as was associated with tree spirits, and ancient Greek dryads.


Moss Agate is attached with lots of histories like was used a talisman making warriors strong and healed tribal priests providing special interacting powers to communicate with human organic system.


Laguna Agate is the most renowned banded agate, praise for its red and scarlet shades and tight bands. It is specially found in the mountain range of Chihuahua in Mexico.


Adapt special Agate gemstones in your life, by embellishing them in different jewel pieces like Agate necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, and pendant.

Post time: 11-14-2016