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Match the patch of Agate Necklace of China


Flaunt the Values with Agate Necklace of China

Are you willing to make a statement with your jewelry line? An agate necklace and jewelry collection will make a perfect addition to your jewel box and will be an asset that can be flaunted with classic outfits.

Let’s discover more about Agate!!! Agate is a type of stone constituted of bold colors in patches or patterned lines and has been a part of the Biblical Babylonian era. Agate used to be a part of Greek and Egyptian fashion, where these stones were embellished on necklaces, rings, seals, vessels, and amulets. There was a strange myth attached to it – “Agate stone would make a person invisible!”

Agate has been with us for ages, so it’s time for us to make it a part of our daily life. Keeping that in mind, expert designers of YIDE Jewelry have invented new ideas to add this naturally beautiful stone in your daily life in the form of agate necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, etc. Agate necklace in China are available in different patterns and colors, for example, lace agate displays a lace type pattern forming bands, zigzags, or swirled patterns.


The gaining popularity of agate jewelry in China and other parts of the world is compelling YIDE Jewelry to highlight more on this plush assortment of gems. Get the best, skillfully handcrafted agate jewelry range that reflects different aspects of your cultural values as the artisans have that power in them that modulates simple stone of a place to a precious jewel!

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Post time: 10-12-2016