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Simple Guidelines to Know Pearls Better….

Pearls stand at the best position in the jewel market due to its minimal price, classy look and never ending aura. Whether you adorn yourself with a simple pearl pendant, a complete pearl set or a pair of pearl earrings, it will always compliment you whatever the occasion may be! Although pearls are simple, buying them can be a little tricky if you do not have an exact idea about its origin, quality, and types.

Follow the simple guidelines for a proper understanding and purchase.

The Origin

Wild pearls are rarely available and difficult to find in the market. However, nowadays pearls are cultured and treated for a better availability. But, YIDE Jewelry being #1 China Pearl Wholesaler has an exclusive range of pearls with them.

Color Structure   

  • White Pearls are most commonly worn and Akoya pearls are famously known as traditional white pearls. Now, cultured pearls are treated well to get white pearls.
  • Pink Pearls have a huge range of shade from pale to pink and used to design modern pearl jewelry. China’s Freshwater pearls have a wide range of color that makes China pearl wholesale dealers famous all across the world.
  • Grey and Black Pearls are a new addition to the pearl list and black pearls are an exclusive gift of the Tahitian variety.

Shape & Size

Round pearls are the rarest as well as demanded. Other shapes too become a great asset to flaunt like baroque shaped pearls are a perfect fit for contemporary style and drop shaped pearls are best for earrings and pendants.

Millimeter forms the standard measuring unit for pearl’s diameter. An average size of pearl measures 6-7.5mm, again with an increase in size the value gets higher. Choose pearls according to your jewelry design!

Surface Definition

The surface of a pearl defines its price and grade. Blemish, spot, scratch are all taken into consideration to rate a pearl. It is difficult to get a spotless pearl, so examine well before you buy one. Also, learn about the grading system of pearls.

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Post time: 10-12-2016