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Connection of Astrology and Pearl Jewelry


Pearls and gemstone partake in the astrological recommendations based on the situation of planets on birth chart of a person. According to astrology, the Moon governs pearls while in the Zodiac, Cancer sign denotes pearl. The Moon is a luminary heavenly body in horoscopes that influences Human Heart and Mind, Water Masses, and the SLEEP and in Woman Facial Glow, Motherhood, and at The menstrual Cycle the gets Influenced. Astrologers Suggest is wearing Pearl Pendant, Ring, Bracelet or Pearl Necklace CAN BE AN the AID of to the mental strength by Eliminating Depression and Stress of life and also helps overcome insomnia.


Pearl’s Grace in Our Life

Pearl being gem for the Moon influences feminism and signifies beauty and affection. This gem also stimulates the energy field of humans, which subtly rules over our living strategies and thoughts. So, wear it to add attractiveness, generosity, and prosperity in your life.


Special Effects of Pearl in Life

As we start wearing pearl ornaments, the individual gets connected to the pulse of the moon that impacts the wearer’s aura in a very significant manner. The pearl jewelry worn by a person protects them from all types of negative energy felt internally or externally and helps overcome All at The Obstacles in at The path of A successful Life. at The Positivity has A strong Effect ON at The Wearer apos Life and CAN BE Felt the with boosted AMOUNT of confidence and Happiness. Pearl Jewelry Becomes A Perfect Friend of A Woman by Stabilizing at The Mood, hormonal imbalance and enhancing their willpower with confidence.


Pearl’s Benefits on Health

The healing aura of pearl is very high and if worn by a weak person suffering from different health issues such as indigestion, asthma, sleep disorders, cardiac problems, lungs issues, TB, weak eyesight, depression, lower learning ability, etc. can be taken care off by the adorned pearl.


A person can avail various types of pearls like Freshwater Pearls, Seawater, Tahitian, Mabe, and South Sea Pearls. So, add pearl jewel to your body and experience the power of Mother Nature!

Post time: 11-14-2016