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Learn New Stories with Colored Crystal Necklaces


More About Crystal Necklaces…..

Crystal jewelry adds spark to your personality! A simple crystal necklace worn with a beautiful outfit can make you the limelight of any event. The necklaces made of crystal are specially handcrafted by the designers keeping the healing power of the crystals in mind.

The YIDE Jewelry crystal necklace collection has a vibrant range of beautifully designed jewelry, adorned with branded crystals of different color and precise cut. At our store, you will come across different pieces of jewelry having varied colored crystals.

Learn more about the colored crystals, to get the best for the one you love the most!!!

White or Colorless crystals open your door of perception and bring you close to the love of your life and the Universe.

  • Green crystals influence prosperity in health, creativity and love life. Also, help in regulating blood pressure, heart disorders and nervous system.
  • Indigo colored crystals help you expand your perception, knowledge, and wisdom. Moreover, it also works as a therapy for the eyes and insomnia.
  • Red crystals symbolize power, life and direct energy to positivity.
  • Orange crystals regulate sexual glands, encourage self-control and energize you.
  • Light blue crystals open the gate of faith, trust, and stimulate the point of confidence.
  • Dark blue crystals are a boon in maintaining a perfect balance between your psychic potential and mental ability.
  • Yellow crystals help in proper functioning of the digestive system, release subconscious fears and promote balance in life.
  • Pink crystals bring more softness and tenderness in your behavior and mannerism.

The crystals and experts will support in making your life better by enhancing your confidence and revitalizing your health. Be fast, get the best crystal necklace, crystal earrings, crystal studs, crystal pendants, and crystal bracelets for yourself or for your beloved!

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Post time: 10-12-2016