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All About Freshwater Pearls……


Pearls from centuries have been an icon of purity and beauty. Those are considered classic as well as contemporary, for example – your mom’s traditional pearl strand to your beautiful studs.

Freshwater pearls are commonly produced all over the world, especially in China which has unique shapes and is available in a wide range of colors. This has made them, the first choice of shoppers, jewel designers, and specialists. The Freshwater pearls available at our store are nearly round to very baroque; our fine collections are perfectly round and look like the Akoya pearls. Our collection is guaranteed to be the best!

The Existence: Freshwater pearls are commercially cultured in the fresh water of lakes and rivers of China,  Japan, and in some parts of America  and are produced from Biwa shell (Hyriopsis schlegeli), bivalve mussels, and triangle shell (Hyriopsis cumingi). China has dominated this ground and has brought before people the best collection of pearls.

At the freshwater pearl farms, the process of nucleation is followed, which after implantations and secretion of nacre, gives a calcium-carbonate called a Pearl.

Shape, Size and Color: The diversity of freshwater pearl is huge on all platforms like – shape, size, and color; this makes them the fancifully best option for the jewel designers. Again, other than the white colored body, YIDE Jewelry brings before you hues of natural pastel. Shapes vary like drop-shaped, potato-shaped, off-round, stick pearls, button-shaped, round pearls, and more. The round ones are extremely rare, but we have them for you with sizes differing from 1 or 2 mm to 15 mm in diameter.

Comparison to Other Types of Pearls: Freshwater pearls have a special whimsical shape with variety in sizes and colors. Their specialty is in its surface texture and luster. The high-quality fresh pearls do not have gloss or metallic finish like that of others and so they go through a distinct phase of quality check.

We avail our customers the high-quality freshwater pearls at a very affordable price. To know more or learn more about the pearls, feel free to ask our team members.

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Post time: 10-12-2016