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Great Looks with Beautiful Pairs of Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Earrings are the accessory that is worn by both women and men on any attire. However, earrings are commonly worn by women to add grace to their looks and outfit. It’s simple and appropriate addition, accentuates the beauty of women exponentially!

Purchasing of earring has two modes, expensive and inexpensive. The expense increases with material, gemstones, pearls and intricate work. Among this pearl earrings are considered the best choice for any occasion whether traditional or official. The elegance of pearl is unmatchable!

In this blog we will discuss on different types of earrings that you can wear:

Chandelier earrings: As the name refers Chandeliers features multiple layers of metallic and gemstone accents hanging downwards. The layers are highly embellished with pearls, gems or intricate work.

Drop earrings: These are aligned properly to hang in a straight line and feature a pearl or gem or metal ball to sway with movement and dangle.

Dangle earrings: Designed in numerous shapes and sizes to dangle and sway at the bottom of earlobes. Generally, hooked to the ear with thin wire passed through the earlobe and getting connected to a hook at the back. Drops and Chandeliers are categorized under Dangle earrings. Dangle Freshwater Pearl Earrings looks fab!

String or Thread earrings: The string or thread is sleek and slips though the pierce to dangle downwards. The chain is made of desired length and ornate with embellishments.

Fish Hook earrings: The earring hanger resembles fish hook and attaches designed metal pieces or stones that hangs downward.

Stud earrings: These are the coolest and most available pair of earrings. They float on your earlobes without any connection visibility. It is easy to wear with an ear nut to secure the thin wire. They are highly versatile and perfect for mock tail parties to ripped jeans look.

French Hoop earrings: It is variant of fish hook hanger and more of a rounded hanger with an opening at the bottom. It is semicircle in shape and available in different materials.

Hoop earrings: These are semi-circular or circular in design and similar to that of a ring. The attachment process is easy, one side have a loop and other a thin wire, the wire is passed through the ear and put in the loop. Those have dangling loops or just a single loop attached to the small loop. Gives a perfect look!

On addition of pearl, gemstone, metals balls, or diamond in the ring, it becomes Charm Hoop earrings.

Huggy earrings: Recently, demand of huggies has increased due to its style. This earring hugs your ears to secure them in their position.

Lever back earrings: Easy to wear for both non-pierced and pierced ears. It has a moveable segment that folds upwards and has a flip hanger to press against your ear. Lever back Freshwater Pearl Earrings give a chic look!

Spikes: Thin metallic sticks that pass through the pierce and hooked on either sides to avoid fall, its diameter is mostly 1mm and length 1.5cm.

Now with all the knowledge of earrings type, you won’t be in dilemma when somebody says French hoop earrings or spikes!

Post time: 11-30-2016