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More about Freshwater Pearls


Pearls have been a part of the Chinese history long back to be precise, reports are available that say it was a part of the tradition in the BC (Before Christ) Period. They already used fresh pearls to pay tributes and these are mention in different books and have also been recorded in the ‘Kangxizidian’, the Chinese dictionary, which belongs to the 18th century.


Do you know! Freshwater pearls are cultured in mussels rather than oysters to meet the huge demand and are mostly farmed in the water bodies along the Yangtze/Chang Jiang river of China. Growing freshwater pearl is easier when compared to the salt water pearl; a mussel of freshwater grows multitude pearls in one time whereas salt water oysters produce only one pearl from an oyster. So, it is said freshwater cultivation is a labor of love. During the mussel cultivation, southern region helps in faster pearl formation and moved to slower cultivation are, i.e. northern region farms for the production of compact nacre for a superior lustre and color. They are available in a huge range of shades such as purple, pink, peach, and white.


Buy healthy Freshwater pearl


Those are often found in the market at an affordable price, so ensure about the shop and see whether it is 100% Pure or not? Is of premium grade? The shop is certified or not?


Of late, advancement in pearl farming has led to a better production of Freshwater pearl that is more round and has a soothing lustre. People understand its metaphysical importance and embellish exquisite pearl in jewelry to adorn themselves. You too start wearing Freshwater pearls and feel the change!

Post time: 11-14-2016