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Avail Yourself a Classic Collection of Pearl Jewelry


Make a Statement with Our Pearl Necklace Collection

Are you in need of a pearl necklace to augment your outfit? Look no further YIDE Jewelry has a huge collection that can leave you in a dilemma of what to choose and what to reject! Time to stand out with our neck pieces adorned skillfully with pearls and jewel embellishments. We help you personalize your style with our pearl necklaces that makes a statement.

  • Pearl strands are the most common as well as the classiest Pearl Neckwear Generally, when you buy a high-quality pearl strand -..! You can notice the strands are knotted to prevent any kind of pearl rubbing Do you know Stranding pearls are very tricky because too tight knots and too close pearls -. will not stream and drape properly Again, if the strands are loose or space between the pearls is more – pearls will rattle all the time. 
  • Another traditional pearl necklace style is Station Pearl Necklace and this style got famous, thanks to the movie Tin Cup and is still popularly known as “Tin Cup Pearl Necklaces”. This necklace features a special interspersed called “stations”. The price and look of a station pearl necklace are determined by the pearl size and the distance between the pearls. You can opt between a silver or gold chain with such feature. 
  • Next classic pearl necklace is Pearl Solitaire. This type of necklace has got different variation and among those floating or fixed pearl is the most common one. In the case of floating, the pearl is drilled for a hole and fitted with a grommet so that it can float, whereas in the case of fixed style – pearl is made fixed by attaching it to the chain with two rings on adjacent sides in some cases, the chains have a solitaire pearl pendant too.. 
  • Carved Pearls are the latest in the fashion world. The pearls in this are intricately hand carved and added to the necklace as a piece of adornment.

Time to choose the best one for your jewelry collection that can complement you and your wardrobe up to a high extent!

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Post time: 10-12-2016