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Seashell Pearl Necklace: A Treasure from the Ocean


Pearls are unique gemstones found within a living creature and neither requires any polishing nor any cutting. We know oysters are the ultimate source of pearls, but abalone, mussels, and clams to form the other source of Pearl. Natural pearls are an extremely rare case, so cultured are growing more and more to fulfill the demand and supply criteria of this unique gemstones.

Again, the seashell pearls have a different origin, i.e., are manufactured in the laboratory from the shell of an oyster and it involves a series of steps. Sea shell forms the base material which is finely shaped, coated, and polished to get the exact shape of a pearl. These pearls are again used by the designers of YIDE Jewelry to make an excellent seashell pearl necklace. Our company is rated as the best seashell pearl necklace China manufacturer and supplier.

The seashell pearl necklace is considered the classiest jewelry in a woman’s pearl collection. The necklaces differ from long ropes to funky edge to multi-strand collar to silver chain with a pendant added to it.  Get all types of modern and vintage necklace or other jewelry pieces to make a perfect match for the occasion or outing. A pearl holder knows that its charm is timeless and effortless when paired with a perfect smile and beautiful attire.

Start collecting these Ocean treasures for your jewel box and this will bring classiness to your collection. Go ahead; visit the YIDE Jewelry known to be the best China seashell pearl necklace collection holder in the world. Be quick and get the best for yourself!

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Post time: 10-12-2016