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Understanding the Formation Process of Precious Freshwater Pearl

Since ages, pearls have been a prestigious option, when it comes to giving a gift. People have gifted pearls to their beloved and adored ones since ages. And it is due to its beauty and positive effects. Have you ever thought – how pearls are produced? And why pearls are considered so precious?


Freshwater Pearl jewelry available now-a-days is grown from freshwater mussels in rivers, lakes and bays, and mostly in China or in different parts of United States, Japan and others countries. These precious pearls form inside an oyster.  When any parasite or irritant enters or is placed inside the body, the mollusks start depositing layers of nacre, which is a combination of organic and crystalline substances, around the organism. With time, the nacre keeps on building more and more to form layers and as a result of this build up, a pearl is formed. Fascinatingly, it is seen that 40-50 pearl beads are produced from a single mussel. It takes around 2 to 3 years to culture a single freshwater pearl, and while performing the cultivation its quality is given more priority than quantity.

Freshwater pearls are mostly white, but colors such as pink, lavender, rose overtones, cream, gray, golden and peacock black are also available. The brilliant lustrous and appealing beauty, complement all types of complexion and attire.

Any woman would love it for her assorted classic and traditional look. The influence and beauty is so powerful that it has been a part of all renowned women’s jewel box. Again, the young girls wear pearls to make their own style statement. Brides wear it on wedding to complement their beautiful gowns. Freshwater pearls are the best and form a timeless fashion statement!

Post time: 11-30-2016