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  • Necklace Made up of Freshwater Pearl is The Choice of The Millions
    Post time: 03-06-2017

    Pearls are something that when are in a shape of a necklace can make any women look very beautiful and attractive in numerous parties and social functions. Some people also call these pearls as cultured pearls. Basically, freshwater pearls are grown in ponds, lakes, rivers & most of the farms...Read more »

  • Elegance & Simplicity of the Fresh Water Pearl Earring
    Post time: 02-25-2017

    Pearls & Fresh Water Pearl Earrings are everything that always hypnotizes a beautiful women. These are the types of gift every women wants in her life. You can just enter or sync into the heart of a woman just by giving pearls earrings as a perfect gift on her birthday or on her marriage anni...Read more »

  • How to Get Your Hands on Precious Pearls & Pearl Wholesale Products
    Post time: 02-22-2017

    People who are aware of the fact that pearls are the one of the priceless objects in the world after gold, silver & diamonds. They are actually formed inside the sea shells that is deep inside the sea bed & that is the reason Why they are so Rare in the market. Such a rarity creates a hug...Read more »

  • Buy Pearl Jewelry At 50% Off At YIDE Jewelry Christmas Offer
    Post time: 12-16-2016

    The Christmas Season is round the corner but have you got your very own set of pearl jewels for this Christmas? Christmas season is beautiful and revolves around Jesus, Santa Claus, snow, cakes, and gifts. However have you ever thought of showering pearl gifts on your near and dear ones for bette...Read more »

  • Delight Your Favorites with Pearls this Christmas Eve
    Post time: 12-16-2016

    The time has arrived when the market is full of Christmas decorations, trees, and pleasant smell from the bakeries. Among all the festivals, the effect of Christmas Eve is bit awesome and this is the time when people visit their kith and kin, prepare feasts, attend Church, and exchange Christmas ...Read more »

  • Top 10 Facts Related to Pearl and Pearl Necklace
    Post time: 11-30-2016

    Pearls are precious and beautiful, yet have always being in questions about its production theories. Once upon a time, people used to think that pearls are produced, when the oysters rise to the water surface during dawn and open their shells to collect dew drops that later turn into pearls. Agai...Read more »

  • Understanding the Formation Process of Precious Freshwater Pearl
    Post time: 11-30-2016

    Since ages, pearls have been a prestigious option, when it comes to giving a gift. People have gifted pearls to their beloved and adored ones since ages. And it is due to its beauty and positive effects. Have you ever thought – how pearls are produced? And why pearls are considered so preci...Read more »

  • Great Looks with Beautiful Pairs of Freshwater Pearl Earrings
    Post time: 11-30-2016

    Earrings are the accessory that is worn by both women and men on any attire. However, earrings are commonly worn by women to add grace to their looks and outfit. It’s simple and appropriate addition, accentuates the beauty of women exponentially! Purchasing of earring has two modes, expensive and...Read more »

  • More about Freshwater Pearls
    Post time: 11-14-2016

    Pearls have been a part of the Chinese history long back to be precise, reports are available that say it was a part of the tradition in the BC (Before Christ) Period. They already used fresh pearls to pay tributes and these are mention in different books and have also been recorded in the ‘Kang...Read more »

  • Pearls for Women in Different Stages of Life
    Post time: 11-14-2016

      A woman would surely gasp in delight on opening a gift and finding a piece of pearl jewel. The amazing point about pearl is a perfect gift for any occasion, especially for woman enjoying any stage of life like a young girl stepping out in life or your granny who has passed all stages of l...Read more »

  • Coral Necklace – Best Wedding Gift for Your Sister
    Post time: 11-14-2016

      The relationship of brother and sister has always been special, where the fight level remains high and so is the understanding level. The relationship is nurtured by pampering each other with gifts to express love and importance on special occasions such as birthday, graduation day, New Y...Read more »

  • Adorn Different types of Agate Jewelry
    Post time: 11-14-2016

      The banded Chalcedony is a mineral from the Quartz family and is specifically called as Agate. The name originated from the place where it was found for the first time, i.e. Achetes River in Sicily. This special mineral is found in different parts of the world in different variety such as...Read more »

  • Connection of Astrology and Pearl Jewelry
    Post time: 11-14-2016

      Pearls and gemstone partake in the astrological recommendations based on the situation of planets on birth chart of a person. According to astrology, the Moon governs pearls while in the Zodiac, Cancer sign denotes pearl. The Moon is a luminary heavenly body in horoscopes that influences ...Read more »

  • Match the patch of Agate Necklace of China
    Post time: 10-12-2016

    Flaunt the Values with Agate Necklace of China Are you willing to make a statement with your jewelry line? An agate necklace and jewelry collection will make a perfect addition to your jewel box and will be an asset that can be flaunted with classic outfits. Let’s discover more about Agate!!! Ag...Read more »

  • Buy Both Modern & Vintage Coral Necklace
    Post time: 10-12-2016

    Coral Necklace – A Mystery in Itself!!! Corals are colored branches growing deep in the ocean as living gems. Corals are harvested as precious gemstones from a very long time, i.e., around 2,500 years back that seems to be longer than pearls. Since ages, corals have got a high position in ...Read more »

  • Get Latest China Freshwater Pearl Earrings
    Post time: 10-12-2016

    Discover China’s Best Freshwater Pearl Earrings Collection….. China’s Freshwater Pearl Earrings pull together your entire beauty. Whether you go ahead with dangling drops or statement studs, earrings become the ultimate accessory to dress you up with elegance and confidence. Edge up your casual ...Read more »

  • Learn New Stories with Colored Crystal Necklaces
    Post time: 10-12-2016

    More About Crystal Necklaces….. Crystal jewelry adds spark to your personality! A simple crystal necklace worn with a beautiful outfit can make you the limelight of any event. The necklaces made of crystal are specially handcrafted by the designers keeping the healing power of the crystals in mi...Read more »

  • Seashell Pearl Necklace: A Treasure from the Ocean
    Post time: 10-12-2016

    Pearls are unique gemstones found within a living creature and neither requires any polishing nor any cutting. We know oysters are the ultimate source of pearls, but abalone, mussels, and clams to form the other source of Pearl. Natural pearls are an extremely rare case, so cultured are growing ...Read more »